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Our Fabrics

Natural fiber fabrics are our passion.  Beautiful silks, wools, linen, cotton and hemp blends are our favourites.  We source fabrics from many parts of the world according to quality.  We work with companies that have the same values regarding ethical, environmental, sustainable and fairtrade production.  We are working closely with other companies to develop our own Australian made fabrics.  In particular Te Kooti Milkymerino™ which is being developed by the Hansie and Gary Armour from Te Kooti Pastoral Company.  We are excited about the future of developing more fabrics with Hansie and Gary in particular. Click the link to read more about Te Kooti Pastoral Company and Milkymerino™.

For our current woven fabrics the main reason we use a lot of linen and hemp fabrics is that both industrial hemp and flax plants are regarded as “golden fibers”, not just for their natural golden colour fibers, but more importantly, for their great properties.

Their fibers are considered the strongest known to mankind next to silk.  With high moisture absorbency, high heat conductivity, and excellent abrasion resistance, they can be made into beautiful, comfortable and long lasting clothes. The more you wash them, the softer they get. They age gracefully and blended with other natural fibres, their applications become almost endless.

We like to work directly with textile designers and artisans.  The future will bring more exclusive and limited edition fabrics for small capsule collections on a regular basis.  We also utilise a range of high quality cotton prints that have been designed by Australian Aboriginal “Koori” artists, as well as fabrics by our eco dye artisans using our local flora and also sourcing stunning fabrics created by world wide textile designers.

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