100% Australian Made Owned and Designed - Made to Order and to Measure


Pic right: Our workroom at the back of our retail shop in Flinders.
Pic below: Kathy re-ironing and re-rolling linen fabric that has been warm water washed and warm tumble dried.

YES!  We do wholesale and our stockists are growing.  Our customers are thrilled to have our brand and it is selling very well.  We can provide testimonials on request.

We are very selective about who stocks our range.  We do not saturate markets so if you are interested in stocking our brand then we would first confirm that no one else in your area is already stocking Zeega. We would not approach any other shops in your region once you have Zeega in store.

We can offer indent and you can also work in season with us.  The current way that distributors and agents are working is not sustainable.  As we are also in retail we understand that shops need new things all the time and that minimum orders are ridiculous as most shops cannot absorb too much stock. Also the fact that you usually get two drops a year creates storage problems, cash flow issues and not much to entice customers in to your store during the rest of the year.  With Zeega you can have something new all the time.

We work closely with our retailers and like feedback on what styles are working or what your customers are looking for in particular.  Working in a way so that we can all grow together and create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Because we are truly Australian Made we are able to offer the following to our wholesale customers:

  • 100% Australian Made, Designed and Owned clothing in all natural fibers with bespoke elements;

  • Fabrics are all prewashed and pre-shrunk before manufacture unless otherwise indicated.  Fabrics are warm water washed, warm tumble dried and then re-ironed before cutting and making (so the majority of garments are machine washable).

  • High quality fabrics!  We use European pure linens, pure cotton, natural wools and blends, designer fabrics (from Australia and worldwide), hemp and silk or hemp and organic cotton blends etc.

  • No minimum orders, try out a few garments in store to get feedback from your customers;

  • Repeat orders welcome, even if it is only 1 garment (based on fabric availability) so that you don’t lose a sale if you don’t have a certain size or a certain colour;

  • Delivery when it suits you, we can stagger your order if you do not have much storage space;

  • Excellent quality control, cut and fit;

  • Buttons sewn on by hand;

  • Generous 1/2” seams which are topstitched down so that they don’t twist and roll in the washing machine and make the garment easier to iron.

  • For unlined jackets we do fully bound seams before topstitching.  This looks great and is to protect the garment so that you don’t catch the overlocking with a ring etc, ensuring the longevity of the garment.  

  • For all knit garments the shoulders are taped with a cotton tape so that the fabric does not stretch and retains its shape.

  • Garments from size 6 through to 16 in true Australian sizes;

  • New designs on a regular basis but still with access to any of our previous garments at any time;

  • The knowledge that all the styles have been tested in our retail shop before the best sellers are offered for wholesale;

  • As we are Australian made we are readily available to answer any questions you or your customers may have.

So if you are interested in stocking Zeega please give us a call on 03 5989 0570 and have a chat.

Warmest regards, Kathy Subic (Designer) and Kim Gerdsen (Everything else)