Zephlyn Neilsen

Since early childhood Zephlyn has been creating unique, practical items from found objects and textiles.  She has worked as a teacher of felt making, eco dying and with the arts as a therapeutic tool for many years. 

She strongly believes in the health benefits of living a creative life.  Her philosophy is that creativity helps people discover their own inspiration and soul as well as being a powerful force that can connect people in community and to the natural world.

Zephlyn is always exploring new techniques and enjoys blending different methods such as eco dying with eucalyptus leaves that are tie died to create unique and unusual patterns.  Another favourite is Shibori dyeing with colours derived from natural plant materials.

​To further lower her carbon imprint on the world her dye pots are heated over an outdoor fire fuelled from tree litter that has fallen to the ground and building timber offcuts.


To the right is a Shibori tied
length of Te Kooti Milkymerino™
wool ready to be placed in the
eco dye bath – literally in
this case (see image left). 
Even the form of the Shibori
technique creates an evocative
and pleasing sculpture.
Zephlyn believes this creativity
is then infused in
 the finished product.

Below are some fabrics
hanging out to dry after
being eco dyed.

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